A Double dose of Racing at Flamboro Speedway

All the photos from both days are now posted. Click on May 21 for Saturday or May 22 for Sunday Fun.











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Well Spring has sprung and we are back at it.

Derek – Racepulse.com and I are back in the saddle and ready to serve the masses at Flamboro Speedway with exciting and entertaining photography.

Remember to support us, so that we can go on giving You the Best of Us.


Here are links to the 2016 season.

April 30, 2016     May 7, 2016     May 14, 2016     May21, 2016     May 22, 2016     May 28, 2016

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Welcome to Flamboro Speedway.

This year I, along with Derek Smith of Racepulse.com, will be the Official Track Photographers.

Each Week, I will post a link to the website for the events that are covered. Make sure to Check Derek’s website www.Racepulse.com to see what He posts. You can link to Derek by clicking on the Icon on the Right or the links in the Front page posts.

I am excited to work with Derek and The Racers, Staff and Fans of Flamboro.

Click on the date(s) below to be directed to the photos from that night.

May 2, 2015          May 9, 2015         May 16, 2015          May 23, 2015          June 6, 2015         June 13, 2015

June 20, 2015     July 1, 2015     July 4, 2015     July 11, 2015    July 18, 2015     July 25, 2015     Fan Fun Rides

August 1, 2015     August 15, 2015     August 22, 2015     August 29, 2015     September 5, 2015     Enduro 250

September 26, 2015

If you have any Comments or Questions – Email Me at racing@cableguyphotos.com


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With everyone dressed in their Finest Threads, Barrie Speedway ended the 2014 Season with the always Exciting and Festive Year End Banquet.

This season was no different.

The Successful Drivers left the Casino Rama Banquet Facility with Armfuls of Shiny Trophies and a little cash.

There are plenty of changes next season. As of this posting the Barrie Speedway facility has been Sold and the future of racing there uncertain.

Joan & I wish to Thank Each and Every Driver, Crew Member, Official and Fan for the Friendships and Memories over the past decade that we have been at or near the Track.

Special Thanks to Brad Moran for Originally getting Us involved with Stock Car Racing and Especially to the APEX Motorsports Ownership group for trying their best to restore Barrie Speedway to it’s Glory and to give the Drivers a Friendly, Fun place to Race each and every week. Rick, Diane, Angie, Doug, Dave and Chris, I consider you good friends and wish you luck in all your endeavours. We will keep in touch.

BSW-112214 (119)

Click the Thumbnail to See the rest of the Banquet Photos.

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The 2014 season at Barrie Speedway came to an UN-Happy ending. Mother Nature was determined to pick the Regular season Champions the previous week and was thwarted, She would have HER revenge by raining on and wrecking the season finale.

Barrie Speedway staff and ALL the drivers did their best to try and wait out the rain with several hours of stop and start rain delay’s. We got in some racing but eventually the weather proved too big a Dragon to Slay and the evening was cancelled with much controversy. The weather forecast for Sunday was not favourable and with several tracks running events the next 4 weekends in a row, the decision was made to bid adieu to the Garry Reynolds Memorial event for this year.

Sorry Garry.


To see the September 20th photos leading up to the Rain Out click the Thumbnail


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On the last regular season race night, Mother Nature toyed with the idea, that SHE was going to determine the 2014 Division Champions, but the BSW faithful pursued and won out in the end, getting in the Full Show and Crowning our deserving Champions.


Congratulations to The Barrie Speedway 2014 Champions…

 St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks#10 Doug Butler

Triple Sick Skin Thunder Cars#00 “Thunder Car Driver Extraordinaire” Luke Gignac

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models #10 Gord Shepherd

Of course the racing was not without a wee bit of carnage as a large crash to start the St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks, ended the night of a few fast win contenders.

The Finale of the evening was the annual mechanics race which is always entertaining. The only scary moment was when the #27 of Ashlie Reckzin tried to redesign the Corner 2 track configuration, She was not successful. The good news is She was not hurt and the evening ended with Championship celebrations in the pits.

Congratulations to the Feature Winners…

 St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks#10 Doug Butler

Triple Sick Skin Thunder Cars#55 Shawn Goggins

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #1 – #12 Dwight Brown

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #2#10 Gord Shepherd

BSW_091314 (576)

Join in the Champagne Shower and see All the September 13th photos by clicking the thumbnail.

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Congratulations to #3 Jason Hathaway on Winning His Second Consecutive Barrie Speedway NCaTS race.

NCaTS_BSW_090614 (36)

Click the Thumbnail to See all the action from September 6th.

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Oh Dopey Me… Forgot to post the links for August 23 on the Front Page. I should be flogged, really I should.

Dave Bradley made His return to Barrie Speedway, Not as the Mouth Piece we all know and Love him as, but as a Racer. Yep, a behind the wheel guy. Not too shabby at it either. Psst… Don’t tell him I said that.

Well, That’s Not Nice Now is it, You’d think Dave would be happy to see my Camera… Prima Donna. LOL

Congratulations to the Feature Winners…

 St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks#77 Mike Gettliffe

Triple Sick Skin Thunder Cars#00 “Thunder Car Driver Extraordinaire” Luke Gignac

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #1&#2#10 Gord “Sweet Pea” Shepherd

Hurricane Midgets – #84 Richard Woodland

Hurricane Midgets 1st LOSER (2nd Place)#53 Dave Bradley (For Real… Who Knew He can Really Drive)

BSW_082314 (25)

Mike Walker Knows All, Sees All… Well Almost Sees All. To See what Mike is Missing on Aug 23 Click on the Thumbnail

HM_BSW_082314 (11)

To See A Hurricane in Motion at BSW on Aug 23, Click on the Thumbnail

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Like CCR sang, there was a Bad Moon Arisin’ at Barrie Speedway on Saturday August 9th. The second Super Moon of the Summer lived up to it’s nasty reputation, with some fenders and feelings hurt.


Congratulations to the Feature Winners…

 St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks#10 Doug Butler

Triple Sick Skin Thunder Cars#55 Shawn Goggins

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #1#31 Rick Walt

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #2 – #91 Andre Pepin


Follow the Howling under the Full Moon to see all the August 9th action

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Wow, Summer is moving fast… Here we are into August already. A Rain-out on July 26th made everyone a little hungry for some Barrie Speedway Race action, and they weren’t disappointed.

Ever increasing car counts gave the fans a little more to cheer about. Al “Red Rocket” Inglis broke out the Booster’s and it really was a Rocket as he won the first Wahta Springs Limited Late Model feature on the night and his first trip to the top of the podium in two years.

Even Gord Shepherd’s Crew celebrated with Al… Although I don’t think Al was aware. LOL

Congratulations to the Feature Winners…

 St. Onge Recreation Pure Stocks#68 Brandon Crumbie

Triple Sick Skin Thunder Cars#64 Ryan Semple

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #1 – #69 Al Inglis

Wahta Springs Limited Late Models Feature #2 – #31 Rick Walt

BSW_080214 (419)

Click on these 3 Amigos and See What They Saw at Barrie Speedway on August 2nd

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