It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything or updated the website.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, COVID-19 restrictions, and personal commitments, CableGuyPhotos, will not be attending any races in 2020.

I would like to Thank all the Drivers, Teams and Fans for their patronage over the years. Many friendships have been formed and many memories have been made. It was a pleasurable ride.

I’m not giving up on racing, just no time to take photos.

I continue to watch from the sidelines. I keep an eye on things via social media, which, while convenient, is very unreliable. There is far too much “Drama” “Trash-talking” and “Track-Bashing”, being posted. Remember, Track owners give you a sandbox to play in, generally at great expense to themselves, but they do it for the love of the sport.

Teams and drivers can and should have a competitive feel to them, but personal attacks are not acceptable. Use the various medias to “promote” the sport and drivers in a positive light. Sponsors are reluctant to spend money on someone that may bring a negative image to their product.

Do not silence your opinions, just think twice about that post. Saying the officials are bad or wrong is a subjective opinion, and you can certainly disagree with a call made, but to say “They did it on purpose.” and making it personal is wrong. The bottom line is post the positive, reduce the negative and enjoy the sport for the entertainment that it is trying to give.

We have enough problems on this planet with Politicians, COVID-19, and un-peaceable protesters, that the sport we love should not fall victim to negativity.

I will not apologize for the rant, but am now stepping down off my soapbox. If you disagree with my statement, Great, Thanks for reading, now delete me, delete the post, move on.

Finally, I will try and keep the archived photos and the website going as long as I can, but in the future the costs may prevent me from keeping it alive.

Thank You, Enjoy.


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Flamboro Speedway – May 4, 2019 Recap

After a long off-season of making sure everything would be perfect for this year, it would pay off as opening night at Flamboro Speedway would go off successfully. With solid fields in each of the classes, nine different drivers experienced the thrill of victory on Saturday night.

Grisdale Racing Products Late Models

Starting seventh, Shawn Chenoweth methodically worked his way to the front, using a mid-race race restart to his advantage to pass Trevor Monaghan for the lead, pacing the rest of the way for the checkered flag. Mark Burbridge finished second, followed by Rick Burbridge, J.R. Fitzpatrick, and Kevin Albers, with Trevor Monaghan fading to sixth.

Chad Corcoran finished seventh, followed by Chris Howse, Gary Elliott, and Mike Klotz. David Gallinger finished 11th, followed by Brent Wheller, Jake Gilbert, and Tyler Di Venanzo. Hudson Nagy paced the field early, but mechanical issues took him out of the event. Billy Schwartzenburg also failed to finish, while Carson Nagy did not take the green flag.

The second feature would see J.R. Fitzpatrick carefully work his way through the field, taking the lead just past the halfway mark en route to the checkered flag. Kevin Albers escaped the chaos ahead of him en route to a runner-up performance. Hudson Nagy and Trevor Monaghan battled right to the checkered flag for third, including some considerable contact through turn four.

Rick Burbridge finished fifth, followed by Chad Corcoran, Gary Elliott, Mark Burbridge, Brent Wheller, and Chris Howse. Jake Gilbert finished 11th, followed by Tyler Di Venanzo, Carson Nagy, and Mike Klotz. Shawn Chenoweth was ready to make his way up through, but contact from in the early stages resulted in him making significant contact with the outside backstretch wall. Billy Schwartzenburg failed to finish, while David Gallinger did not take the green flag.

First Feature Video:

Second Feature Video:

Ray’s Towing and Recovery Super Stocks

Starting on the front, Brad Collison was able to hold off a race-long challenge by Randy Rusnell to score the first victory of the season. The battle for third was close throughout the duration of the feature as well, with Kelsey Lamont holding off Kevin Gallant and Nick Troback. Robert Richardson and A.J. Miller rounded out the field.

After going around for a quick spin in the first feature, Nick Troback turned his luck around in the second event as he held off Collison to score the victory. Richardson crossed the finish line in third, but was penalized post-race. Rusnell was credited with third ahead of Gallant, Miller, and Lamont.

First Feature Video:

Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks

Jake Watson would put the No. 88 Mustang out front in the first feature, cruising away to secure the victory. Karl Sault and Andy Kamrath battled through the final laps for the runner-up spot, with Kamrath taking a trip through the field grass en route to placing third. Shawn Taylor finished fourth, followed by Kyle Istead, Tyler Lewis, Matt Young, Jonathan Ayrton, Rich Schwartzenburg and Will Gibbons.

Kyle Steckly finished 11th, followed by Gillian Hils, Kyle DaSilva, Allie Ditner, John Morrison, and Mike Hooper. Dylan Sharpe and Wayde Thorne failed to finish due to mechanical issues, while Michael Kenny made significant contact with the backstretch wall to end his night early. Kaitlyn Wallace would suffer a post-race penalty.

The fast cars would start deep in the field for the second feature, weaving their way through traffic with Karl Sault taking the lead just past halfway. He would hold on the rest of the event to take the checkered flag. Jake Watson finished second, followed by Will Gibbons, who led the opening laps. Andy Kamrath finished fourth, followed by Shawn Taylor, Kyle Istead, Tyler Lewis, Matt Young, Dylan Sharpe, and Rich Schwartzenburg.

Kaitlyn Wallace finished 11th, followed by Kyle DaSilva, Jonathan Ayrton, Kyle Steckley, John Morrison, Gillian Hils, Mike Hooper, and Wayde Thorne. Allie Ditner failed to finish, while Michael Kenny did not take the green flag.

Second Feature Video:

McClurkin Properties Pure Stocks

Making the haul from London, Jordan Morris started off his season on a high by winning the opening feature ahead of Leo Labarbera. David Rockwood crossed the finish line in third, but was disqualified post-race. Derek Jackson would be credited with fourth ahead of Bobby Mercer. Kyle Neumeister was also disqualified post-race, handing sixth over to Andy Wheller ahead of Mark Dennis, Steve DeLeeuw, Phil Givens, Jared Bodnar, and Chris Pendlebury.

RJ Croteau got credited with 11th, followed by John Lavelle, Courtney Scott, Matt McCraig, Brad Lavalle, and Andrew Packer. Jeff Kells crossed the finish line in 19th, but was disqualified post-race. As a result, Brody Bowen got credited with 17th. Jimmy Hooper, Clinton Kerhoff and Jeff Laflamme failed to finish, while Brian Gamble was disqualified.

Following the disqualification in the first event, Kyle Neumeister started deep in the field for the second event. He would make his way through, battling three-wide at times, taking the lead in the second half to pick up the win. However, he was once again disqualified in post-race.

As a result, Leo Labarbera got credited with the victory ahead of Jordan Morris, Andy Wheller, Phil Givens, Bobby Mercer, Mark Dennis, Chris Pendlebury, Courtney Scott, RJ Croteau, and Brad Lavalle. John Lavalle finished 11th, followed by Matt McCraig, Jimmy Hooper, Jared Bodner, Jeff Kells, Andrew Packer, Brody Bowen, and Brian Gamble.

Derek Jackson led the first half of the second feature, but contact with the wall and another car while battling three-wide with Neumeister ended his night. David Rockwood and Steve DeLeeuw both failed to finish, while Clinton Kerkhoff and Jeff Laflamme did not take the green flag.

Second Feature Video:

Pro 4 Modifieds

Picking up where he left off last year, Mark Lucas won the first feature ahead of Dave Hodgkinson, Mike Westwood, Dan Petit, Shannon Morris, Cliff Hodgkinson, and Rob McKinley.

Mark Lucas then avoided the incident ahead of him to score the victory in the second event ahead of Mike Westwood, Cliff Hodgkinson, and Shannon Morris. Through the beginning stages of the event, Dave Hodgkinson and Dan Petit battled for the lead, but contact took them both out of the event. Rob McKinley also filed to take the checkered flag.

Second Feature Video:

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for all the videos. Please subscribe to her YouTube channel at

Thanks to Derek Smith for all of his photos. Please check out more at

The season is just getting started at Flamboro Speedway. The second night of competition on Saturday, May 11 will feature the Pro Late Models, Ontario Pro Challenge Series, Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets season opener, and Pure Stocks. The front gates open at 5 pm, with racing getting underway at 6:30 pm.

Gate details and admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at

Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

By: Ashley McCubbin

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It was a night of heartbreak for some drivers and good fortune for others in the Outlaw Midgets Race Club at Sunset Speedway on August 18, 2018.

The #5 Jody Bound won both heats, but alas it was too much for the little engine that could dominate and it expired just a few laps into the 25 lap main feature. This left the door open for some of the other fast racers to capitalize on Bounds misfortune. A handful of cars had brake issues and had to pull off to keep the #5 company in the Field of Broke Dreams. With Spiderman in the house, another Super Hero was to rise up and “steal” the victory.

oms_081818 (114)

The #53 of Mike Bradley championed his speedy car through the various villains of Midget Mayhem to capture the Checkered Flag and the claim his first feature victory. With Bradley Brothers Racing’s Crew Chief Russ Bradley cheering on and Car Chief Jo Bradley nervously watching with Chief Car Tuner Tom Bradley, The #53 Dayco Sponsored car fought valiantly with the likes of  the dastardly Woodland Brothers #48 Brian Woodland and #84 Richard Woodland, The Flying, No Horned, Purple People Eater of #62 Rob McCall, and the Dark Knight of #37 Steve Lassman, through the 25 laps of organized chaos.


oms_081818 (255)

Congratulations to the Outlaw Midgets Race Club on another fine showing at Sunset Speedway.

Thanks to all the Drivers, Staff and Volunteers for their time.

…And Especially a HUGE Thanks to the Fans that support Local Short Track Racing. YOU make this all possible.

oms_081818 (158)

Click the Thumbnail Above to see all the August 18, 2018 Outlaw Midget Action.

The Outlaw Midgets next race date is September 23, 2018 at Sunset Speedway

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Day 2 of the Beach Side Double Header from Sauble Speedway

Hot temperatures (Only mildly warm for Me) were the thought of the day as the Outlaw Midget series took to the track.

No one was doing the Sauble Wobble on this day. The Cold Beers would have to wait.

With a smaller field of cars, but a stout field none the less, the Racing started with 2 pretty exciting Heat Races.

Heat #1 saw #5 Jody Bound start a new win streak and Heat #2 saw the #24 Ryan Brown out pace the others for the Checkered Flag.

After his unfortunate DQ the previous day, #5 Jody Bound proved to everyone, that it was just motivation for his Larry’s Small Engine sponsored Midget racer. Bound drove like the proverbial pissed-off teenager to trounce the field for the feature win.

The top 3 on the night were 1st Place #5 Jody Bound, 2nd Place #62 Rob McCall and 3rd Place #2 Jessica James

Congratulations to All the Outlaw Midget Racers for an Excellent Race Weekend.

OMS_070118 (210)

Racing has always been a Family Affair, Click on the thumbnail of Team Homewood to see all the Canada Day July 1 pictures.

The Outlaw Midgets are back on Track Saturday July 7, 2018 at Peterborough Speedway

We Hope To See You There

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OMS_063018 (239)

An almost Perfect weekend, on and off the track.

Summer, Beach, Race Cars and HOT, make it a Great Time for the Outlaw Midgets

It was ALMOST Perfect for the #5 Jody Bound too.

The Saturday crowd at Sauble Speedway left the evening thinking that Bound had indeed kept his Perfect season intact, but the Rule Book said otherwise, as Bound was DQ’d afterwards for violating Rule #6 that states… Any car leaving the race track surface for mechanical repairs during the
race or during a caution will be considered out of the race. DNF (HOT PIT
repairs will not be allowed)

During the main event, Bound was involved in an early lap incident that saw a few cars spin and make contact. Bound, with damage to the #5, left the track to repair and after re-starting at the back, came through the entire field to “win” the event. He was later disqualified, handing the Victory to the #62 of Rob McCall.

This moved the grid up one spot, placing the official finish as follows. 1st Place#62 Rob McCall, 2nd Place#24 Ryan Brown and 3rd Place#48 Brian Woodland

Heat wins went to #22 Amanda McCall and #05 Jody Bound

OMS_063018 (32)

Click the Thumbnail to View the June 30, 2018 pictures

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The #5 Jody Bound has continued his perfect Outlaw Midgets season in 2018 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway @ Varney.

And… He did it without Car Owner Larry Wilson present.

Larry was Yachting Around the World, Playing Baccarat with Members of Spectre, While saving the Plant From Evil Forces. (He’s THAT kinda guy).


Bound had two heat wins and the Feature. The other heat wins went to #84 Richard Woodland.

Thanks go out to Full Throttle Motor Speedway @ Varney for an entertaining evening of racing with the ever present threat of foul weather. They put on a rather interesting 3-car chain race that has Teams of 3 cars attached with chains that race around the track for the Checkered Flag and Bragging rights. It was different.


Congratulations to ALL the racers on a Fine Performance.

OMS_062318 (149)


Click the Thumbnail above to see All the Outlaw Midget Race Action before You Get “The LOOK” from Young Tom.

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Happy Fathers Day to All Dad’s Everywhere.

Sadly, I lost my Dad in 1996, but not a day goes by that He doesn’t influence my decisions. 

I always thought He looked like Roger Moore (Bond, James Bond) in his Tuxedo.

I miss and Love You Dad.

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Perfect Race Weather… Finally.

Spending Fathers Day Weekend at Flamboro Speedway, it doesn’t get much better.

Congratulations to All the Race Winners.

fsw_061618 (332)

Click on the Thumbnail to See more Winners and All the Flamboro Speedway Race Action.

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Yep, I’m a Lucky Guy.

One of the bonuses of traveling with the Outlaw Midgets is I get to go to tracks see some Old Barrie Speedway and Sunset Speedway faces, and meet some new faces, as well.

There are far too many people to name personally, but a few stand out. Jerry Abramowicz, Eric Uprichard, Ashley McCubbin, Brian Watts, and Mike Walker.

Not only that, I get the best seat in the house for ALL the Great Racing Action.

Yep, I’m a Lucky Guy.

SS_060918 (1)

Chicken Dance along with Another Favourite Fun Person in Photographer Debbie Jo Zardo and Click on her to see all the Sunset Driver Action From June 9, 2018.

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The #5 Jody Bound undefeated streak remained alive on this night. Bound has continued his perfect season winning both heats and the feature at Sunset Speedway, June 9, 2018.

With a solid field of Outlaw Midgets the competition was high and certainly no cake walk for Bound. Other heat winners included #69 Wally Wilson and #1 Nigel Buttivant.


Congratulations to All the Competitors.

Click the Thumbnail to see all the Outlaw Photos from June 9, 2018.

OMS_060918 (1)

The Outlaw Midgets are back in Action on Saturday June 23, 2018 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway @ Varney

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