It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything or updated the website.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, COVID-19 restrictions, and personal commitments, CableGuyPhotos, will not be attending any races in 2020.

I would like to Thank all the Drivers, Teams and Fans for their patronage over the years. Many friendships have been formed and many memories have been made. It was a pleasurable ride.

I’m not giving up on racing, just no time to take photos.

I continue to watch from the sidelines. I keep an eye on things via social media, which, while convenient, is very unreliable. There is far too much “Drama” “Trash-talking” and “Track-Bashing”, being posted. Remember, Track owners give you a sandbox to play in, generally at great expense to themselves, but they do it for the love of the sport.

Teams and drivers can and should have a competitive feel to them, but personal attacks are not acceptable. Use the various medias to “promote” the sport and drivers in a positive light. Sponsors are reluctant to spend money on someone that may bring a negative image to their product.

Do not silence your opinions, just think twice about that post. Saying the officials are bad or wrong is a subjective opinion, and you can certainly disagree with a call made, but to say “They did it on purpose.” and making it personal is wrong. The bottom line is post the positive, reduce the negative and enjoy the sport for the entertainment that it is trying to give.

We have enough problems on this planet with Politicians, COVID-19, and un-peaceable protesters, that the sport we love should not fall victim to negativity.

I will not apologize for the rant, but am now stepping down off my soapbox. If you disagree with my statement, Great, Thanks for reading, now delete me, delete the post, move on.

Finally, I will try and keep the archived photos and the website going as long as I can, but in the future the costs may prevent me from keeping it alive.

Thank You, Enjoy.


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