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About Me

I’m Mike, and I worked as a Cable Television Technician, hence, CableGuyPhotos. I retired in 2017 after 38 years. Retirement did not last long and I am now pursuing a career as an RV Repair Technician. It really would cost too much to change everything to EX-CableGuyPhotos or RV-GuyPhotos, so CableGuyPhotos it remains.

Ever since the 1996 Jim Carrey movie Cable Guy and the Popularity of Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, everyone who works as a Cable TV Technician seems to automatically get called… Cable Guy. It could be worse; I could have been a Manure Shoveler.

I started as a Volunteer Video Cameraman in 1977 (I still occasionally get behind a television camera… 43 years and counting) , I planned on being the next Steven Spielberg, talent would dictate otherwise. Practice makes perfect and I have been practicing ever since. Still Photography naturally followed.

I have many interests and enjoy taking Photos and Video of all of it. Sports, Action, Outdoor Activities, People, you name it; I’ve probably shot it.

My wife, Joan, assists me whenever she can and She can take some pretty good pictures, herself.

Please note that all photos on the website are low resolution for easy viewing and bandwidth reasons however digital orders and prints are high resolution with NO watermarks. Click here to see our prices.

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